Geopathic Stress Course in Wales

Dowsing and Earth Energies

September 16th – 18th 2016

Three-Day Training Level 1


I would love to:


  • Dowse with tools such as rods, pendulum, kinesiology muscle-testing and self-testing.


  • Understand why my plants or animals aren’t thriving so well in certain places and the influences of Yin and Yang.
  • Learn about Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress to improve my health.


  • Communicate with plants, nature spirits and the different elemental beings around me, as well as working with disturbed spirits.


  • Learn how to measure the impact of stress on people, animals, bees, and plants – to include Geopathic Stress, Electro-Stress, Psychic Stress.


  • Appreciate the power of my own thoughts and that of memory in the landscape.


  • Use fun ways of connecting to Source through exercises, to expand conscious awareness.


  • Have a foundation in Geopathic Stress to serve my clients better, when therapy doesn’t seem to be working.


  • Bring my own house/office/garden plan to the training and learn remote/map dowsing to improve the energy flow.


Delicious vegetarian food for your delectation each day!


Dowsing and Earth Energies

Dates and Times


September 16th – 18th 2016 – Three Day Training

Friday 9 – 5.30, Saturday 9 – 5.30, Sunday 9 – 4.00




  • Tuition only for three days on Level 1:


  • Tuition with lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday and lunch on Sunday:
  • Tuition with bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday:

    £380 (single occupancy)
    £365 (double occupancy)


  • Level 1 and Level 2 trainings booked with a £100 non-refundable deposit by July 1st:
    Tuition: £440 (£40 discount)
  • Level 2 Three Day Training: March 11th – 13th 2017
    (Prices as above)


Bookings for individual courses are confirmed with a £50 non-refundable deposit. Please call Giulia for concessionary prices.

Residential bookings are in-house and numbers are limited.

Book Now!
01453 889184/ 07872 665710

Location – By Kind Permission

Alltcafan Mill, Pentre Cwrt, Llandysul, Wales, SA44 5BD

Home and Training Centre of Steve and Penny Hack

Health Kinesiology Gloucestershire, 29th January!

Health Kinesiology Gloucestershire, 29th January!

As part of Taster Evening and Pampering at Oakridge Village Hall in aid of the school. From Stroud drive up through Chalford Hill, towards Bisley, and turn right to Oakridge. Take the first turning left for 1/2  a mile then second turning right. The hall is on LHS.
Call me to book in advance on 01453 889184 – 

What is Kinesiology?

Muscle-testing for all round balance at Health Kinesiology, Gloucestershire

This is a Toroid. A free and balanced flow of life around a stable and peaceful centre.

Muscle-testing your body’s priority
Very simple, very effective
Allergy Testing
This is….
Health Kinesiology
7.00 till 10.30
£8 /15 minutes
  • Improve an injury with magnets muscle-tested on the injury site.
  • Rebalance a particular thought or emotional pattern, jet lag, fears
  • Test the exact supplements your body may need, how much, how often, how long…
  • Have a Life Balance involving life style re: work, play, exercise, rest, sleep, diet etc
  Also includes:

Giulia runs Allergy Clinics at Sports Centres near you!

50,000 chemicals have now been introduced to the world that didn’t exist in our parents’ day.

Allergy Therapy

In 15 minutes I could find an allergy/sensitivity..
Costs and Prizes
£8 for 15 minutes
Raffle Prize: A treatment of your choice with Giulia
lasting 45 minutes at Longtree House Clinic in Minchinhampton
I can be contacted on 07872 665710 / 01453 889184 or

Therapeutic Phone and Skype sessions

Speak to Someone Qualified to Help…

  • Need coaching about a life change?
  • Things just aren’t working?
  • Sad and depressed?
  • Out of ideas?
  • Feel invaded?
  • Running out of ideas?


Seek peace

Did you know that you can have therapy from the comfort of your own home over the phone or even better over Skype?

Do any of the above apply to you?

Call my number: 00 44 1453 889184

Connect on Skype: It’s easy to get a Skype account, and then you sit face to face and can have an amazing connection without getting in your car!



Still river, Still mindBook a series of sessions and I’ll give you copies of the following helpful recommendations FREE!

  • Ten ways to avoid cancer
  • Acid/Alkaline diet sheets
  • Liver/Gall Bladder cleanse 
  • Kidney Cleanse
  • Financial beliefs sheet
  • Simple ways to balance the Feng Shui of your house
  • How to locate your bed to avoid Geopathic Stress
  • Many more holistic ideas to enhance your life!

Or maybe you just need to talk to someone with twenty years experience in holistic therapy, who will listen ….

I have the experience to coach and guide, apply remote energetic techniques to release old patterns, recommend supplements and nutrition plans custom made for you – I use dowsing and /or
kinesiology self-testing that can help get you going again, find peace and unravel the impossible.





How to live in the Aluminium age and keep your marbles…

Specialists agonised for months to try and find out what was affecting my father – 75 year old farmer of fifty years, recently retired.

They never did find out, what was causing his muscular pain and tiredness.
Steroids were the answer.

To mine Aluminium (boxide), primary rain forest the size of 250 football pitches is excavated daily. Aluminium has no known biological function.

To mine Aluminium (boxide), primary rain forest the size of 250 football pitches is excavated daily. Aluminium has no known biological function.

Months later, I am reminded of the dangers of Aluminium and see someone with identical symptoms on, saying how they had had to give up their job . My Dad reached a point where he had trouble putting on his coat, and getting into the car.
It was a terrible shock.

Aluminium is a neuro-toxin: this is a natural or artificial toxic substance, which alters the normal activity of the nervous system in such a way as to cause damage to nervous tissue. Studies have shown children are more likely to suffer from allergies if their mother was taking medication. Aluminium Hydroxide causes allergies in animals.

It may be behind black-outs, memory loss (it has been strongly linked to Alzeimer’s) – or worse – Caroll Cross  of Camelford died 15 years after exposure to a leak at the local waterworks. She was found to have 21 mcg of aluminium in her brain – we all have 1 or 2 mcg – sufferers of Alzeimer’s have been found to harbour 4 – 6 mcg
(Aluminium is used in the purification of water systems in the country.)

It accumulates in many ways in our bodies

Many ways it has of accumulating in our bodies

May 2012, Grenada Spain, “The World Congress for Auto-Immune Diseases” – Central to the congress was Aluminium. In its conclusions it was found that Magnesium Carbonate and Aluminium Hydroxide were a cause of auto-immune disease.

There is no way of knowing who is susceptible to Aluminium

There is no way of knowing who is susceptible to Aluminium

Some people it would seem, according to them, are susceptible and some not. There is no way of knowing who it will affect;
in their recommendations it was proposed that an alternative to Aluminium be found for vaccines.

At University Paris-Est, Dr Romain Gherardi discovered a new disease phenomenon, in patients with muscular pain and fatigue Aluminium showed at infected areas, where macrophages were filled with Aluminium particles. (Their role is to phagocytose, or engulf and then digest, cellular debris and pathogens )

So, how to live in the Aluminium age?

Avoid Aluminium that can be found in:

Canned food
Food Additives
Cosmetics – antiperspirants
Baking Soda
Most Vaccines
Silver Foil: Did you know? When you wrap food in foil, the aluminium content in red meat rises from 81 to 274 mcg – so don’t!!
In the Journal for Applied Toxicology, Dr Philippa D Darby of Reading University showed that Aluminium salts increase estrogens in human breast cells grown in a lab.

Aluminium is notoriously difficult to to remove from the body as it wont dissolve in water.

In holistic medicine that can run very effectively alongside integrative nutrition and conventional medicine, there are ways of desensitising yourself to it, increasing the body’s own de-toxifying abilities through healthy eating and there are also ways of detoxifying the system deliberately.

Kinesiologists use procedures to do this, as do other natural health therapies in Gloucestershire. If you have some metal toxicity symptoms, it is possible to test using muscle-testing to see if you have a problem; kinesiologists work bio-energetically with vials that represent the different toxic metals; they can then aid the body in eliminating the toxicity itself, or the practitioner can recommend certain products which will do the same.

Health Kinesiology is akin to quantum touch and energy healing in that it can help the body perform the way it’s designed to.
For instance in a case of a sensitivity, it can not recognise sufficient amount of the substance, or none at all, and classifies it wrongly; in the case of Aluminium for example it may then allow it to proliferate around the body. Once it recognises a substance, it then knows how to deal with it effectively. Kinesiology helps bridge that gap for it, as there are 70,000 chemicals used commercially in the US alone, and we don’t have the pathways to deal with it!

Call me now and book an appointment.

01453 889184 / 07872 665710

If you call these numbers and speak to me, I promise to send out to you instructions on how to make Kefir – this is another great form of prevention – through fermented food.

Dr Steven Trobiani MD:Board certified Neurologist, Minneapolis, MN:

“The old adage ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’, takes on a new meaning where cures are seldom; an ounce of prevention is worth years of an otherwise shortened life vs. a ton of ineffective and miserable treatment”





Mould and Ancestral Stress!

HPIM3022Case study 2 – A case of mould and ancestral stress


“I’m really happy in this house, it all seems lighter!”

                                                               Happy outcome…



The symptoms:

Another case of mould! It may seem like all Geopathic stress cases have this component, which isn’t true, but certainly it has the advantage from my point of view of a good before and after picture showing the work carried out was a success.

Geopathic Stress work is similar to Feng Shui in that it looks specifically at the creating clear energetic spaces in your house. Unlike Feng Shui it responds to different kinds of remediation, such as earth acupuncture and it focusses on the earth energies affecting your house. Both are forms of energy healing.

This property was the chief house of an estate built in the early nineteenth century, a hideaway location in between the Severn and Avon rivers on a Roman salt road with the remains of King John’s castle next door.

They had a name for their pet ghost, “Flatus Breakwind” owing to a particular cupboard smelling of cabbage, but described the house as having high ceilings and a happy atmosphere. Of specific concern was the dining room, which wasn’t used apart from by their twelve year old son who used part of it to watch television.

He suffered from repeated tummy aches. They said it didn’t feel relaxing, felt odd and made them wonder what it was originally used for. The room was cold, damp, mildew grew on the walls and it smelt like a shed. (Her words)There had previously been leaks down the wall from an upstairs bathroom. She wanted to redecorate the room, which had a chimney in the centre of it, boarded and unused. They didn’t think the damp came from outside, although the dining room has two outside walls and a damp course they had had fitted had made no difference.

Overall she felt that the previous owner had been scared and maybe depressed, as the windows were either screwed tightly shut or boarded up.

Outside, their property adjoined the neighbour’s, who had a slightly aggressive gardener who was opposed to any change, and the owner too, who no one liked. There was a particular crossing over their track that went down to the river, that felt very charged with negative energy, and she pointed out that her and her son didn’t like using the track because of it. This could also have been an original boundary to their own property, which is frequently a stressor for the spirit of place, when it has been fragmented along new lines causing the boundaries to become undefined.

As without so within, and if a property’s boundaries aren’t defined there are often infringements happening on the lives of the people too, which wasn’t the case for my client, but was for her sister who lived adjacent to her across the drive, had fallen and had had to change her career due to the prolonged injury.


Austrian researcher Baron Gustav Von Pohl

Geopathically stressed deep water streams affecting the dining room and the effects of place memory. A single water vein may be 4 – large spacious houses will diminish the effects of Geopathic Stress, unless your bed, or common sitting places are actually located on underground water, or other kinds of earth energies.

A single water vein in a house can create serious health problems.  Von Pohl an Austrian dowser in the 1920s received official approval from the town mayor for his supervised findings connecting cancer deaths in a hospital in Vilsbiburg in Southern Germany.

According to him from 1 – 16, there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that cancer may result from longterm exposure at an index of 9.

An hour’s journey took me two hours as I drove through Gloucester about four times that day. I had tested I needed to find a specific church before arriving at my client. I mention this not because my own sense of direction sounds terrible and is in some way amusing, but for the interesting outcome that later emerged!

Underground water

Underground water can seriously affect your health

This is what I wrote to my client in summary:

“I think the fact my journey to you was so convoluted, may well suggest that the situation is complex; I trust that my visit to the church with its seven yew trees and 12th century pond, will help the work to stay intact; that is the beauty of working in sacred spaces.

This leads me to the significant presence of the previous owner/landlord, ‘guardian of the estate’ I will call him, who I released and with this, hope that there will be less male discouragement of a random kind – either male or domineering; the next door gardener, the unpleasant neighbour (two times round), the feeling of spookiness on the drive along past the house, which could be a great source of delight as it’s so close to the river. I found the corner at the bottom very magical, despite the dumping ground in its centre. Moving on unwanted residues in that area will contribute to better drainage but also maybe to less careless dumping.

Finally, in response to the underground water affecting the sitting room/dining room, I used two steel rods, 2 feet long, which are now buried just in front and to each side of the grey shed in the garden. I work with the four elements of earth, air, water and fire, and here used flower essences, fire and prayer to help dissolve residues from the stream.  Similarly I worked using three temporary steel rods in the bed next to the drive outside the sitting room wall.

This is an interim report, as I feel there will be more information to come out of my work next week…


Hello there again. Today I resumed work, and drew connections with next-door St John’s Castle and the green dining room. I released an old fire from where the stables used to be and covering the area up to where the bonfire and the baby rabbit incident occurred. I also released old spirits and unwanted emotional residue from previous times.”

The outcome of the Geopathic Stress work was very gratifying:

Everyone feels wonderfully happy and relaxed. The smell has gone in the dining room. A cupboard that had been used to block up the fireplace had been moved leaving an arch, and they were making plans with that area of the house to change it. Their son no longer has his tummy aches.

Finally, they did some research and found out that an ancestor of theirs had built the church that I had visited as well as an avenue in the middle of Gloucester! We came to the conclusion that that was maybe why I had had to drive through it so many times.

They were impressed!


Dowsing with rods at sacred sites and for personal well-being

Giulia runs a holistic practice in Gloucestershire with twenty years experience in Health Kinesiology, Geopathic Stress among other modalities. Her level 2 GS Course is on May 9- 11th cost £249 and there are still places! To find out more contact her on 01453 889184/07872 665710 or go to her web site:






Cancer and Fungus

Is Cancer a fungus?demons

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the three conventional options for someone with Cancer, and yet actual statistics on their effectiveness are hard to find.


One study (Journal of Clinical Oncology Dec 2004) shows that chemotherapy has an average 5-year survival success rate of just over 2% for all cancers. In Australia almost identical results have been reported with a 2.3% success rate.

So what causes Cancer?

Research has pointed to genetics as being a small causal factor, although not to the extent conventional medicine has led us to believe. Little attention has been given to more mundane factors such as infection.

Proponents of the theory that Cancer is indeed a fungus are the likes of Italian Oncologist Dr Tullio Simoncini; some doctors such as Dr Allen Levin MD (Author “The Healing of Cancer”) and Professor Gorge Mathe believe that chemotherapy may be the cause of death, and believe staying away from it may increase a patient’s chances of survival.
There are many perspectives on the causes of Cancer, but fungus has implications for all of us, even without the threat of cancer.

Many ways to take care of the body

Many ways to take care of the body

Something as simple as a fungus….

According to Dr Simoncini, cancer is a way for the body to protect itself from fungus. Candida that we are all familiar with, a yeast–like parasitic fungus, that becomes imbalanced, he believes, is the leading cause of cancer.

Studies have shown between 79 and 97% of cancer patients have imbalanced Candida.

The body weakens in response to the Candida that spreads from a particular area to the whole body. It is highly adaptive and so can adjust to the different environments within the body’s different organs. An organic defensive reaction by the body causes cellular hyper-production which encysts the fungal colonies….Cancer.

Enough information I am sure…

One Cure:

Simoncini recommends bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), an anti-fungal, which he thinks is better than anti-fungal drugs, because the fungi do not adapt to the baking soda. (They can adapt to anti-fungals in the space of three to four days)

Baking Soda is however difficult to administer, as it needs to be injected into the tumour itself. If anyone knows of medical professionals performing this procedure and also IV Vitamin C with success, please be in touch with me.


It would seem that in view of the ability by invasive organisms (bacteria and fungus) to adopt social communication systems within the body, alternative methods to suppressing cancer might be worth trying.


fungus10 common Candida symptoms:

  1. Skin and nail fungal infections (such as athlete’s foot or toenail fungus)
  2. Feeling tired and worn down or suffering from chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia
  3. Digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, or diarrhea
  4. Autoimmune disease such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ulcerative colitis, Lupus, Psoriasis, Scleroderma or Multiple sclerosis
  5. Difficulty concentrating, poor memory, lack of focus, ADD, ADHD and brain fog
  6. Issues such as eczema, psoriasis, hives, and rashes
  7. Irritability, mood swings, anxiety, or depression
  8. Vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, rectal itching or vaginal itching
  9. Strong sugar and refined carbohydrate cravings
  10. Severe seasonal allergies or itchy ears



Candida is helpful as an indicator your body is too acid: By altering the acid/alkaline balance of your body (bicarbonate of soda is alkaline), you can then make the environment more hostile for Candida and other infections to develop. Also into the bargain, you may dispel other symptoms, like depression, which treated in isolation might lead you down a false trail.

For suggestions about the best alkaline diet for you, a kinesiology approach to asking the body the right foods or supplements for it at any given time, and for a way of testing that those foods are tolerated by the body and used to their utmost efficiency, I offer appointments covering all these questions and more.


Health Kinesiology, within the context of Giulia Holland Associates, offers many ways to approach Cancer: these are emotional release, spiritual nurturing, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations as well as non-scientific alternatives to the treatment of Cancer, which have gained anecdotal evidence in their favour. These include, Bicarbonate of Soda, IV Vitamin C and Essiac herbs. Additional support is also available from the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre, near Bristol

Cancer is often precipitated by emotional events like the loss of a son, an acrimonious divorce, shock and many other life events; over the last twenty years I have met people who can pinpoint such events in their lives that have become a turning point, and as a result of much soul-searching their bodies have become whole again.

Make your turning point be NOW – and make it a positive one!



Just Past Full Moon

Equinox and the full moon are past.

Relating Geopathic Stress: Introduction to Dowsing and Earth Energies

two stonesFinal revised dates for CPD K-based Geopathic Stress course

Relating to Geopathic Stress: Introduction to Dowsing and Earth Energies

Dates: 5 – 7th July 2013 – See below for overall description, outline and booking details.

Venue: Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX
01342 822238

Cost: £249

(Level 2 will be decided post the July course)

This is three days when we will be tuning into the beautiful creative energies of Emerson. This is a stunning anthroposophical venue, based on the work of Rudolf Steiner; for any training it is perfect, but particularly one when the essence of the work is contemplation and deep enquiry into the nature of the Spirit of Place.

Emerson offers excellent accommodation to all participants as well as delicious organic, locally produced vegetarian food. (See prices below*)Rooms will be on a first come first serve basis.miniature-pear_LW

You can come and ensconce yourself in their atmosphere parking your car on arrival on the Thursday evening or Friday morning for locals and entering sacred space from then on, until departure on Sunday afternoon.

They can take care of all your needs.

Amazingly good value!

Accommodation at Emerson for three nights from Thursday night until after Sunday lunch including all refreshments and meals* £165.00

Accommodation for two nights from Friday until Sunday after lunch: £130.50

* NB These prices do not include Thursday evening meal and Friday breakfast.
There is a kitchen for you to use.

The Course

I am very pleased to be able to offer so many different environments on this course, including the pear treegardens themselves which have designated spaces and a character very much of their own, as well as the market garden, from where our lunch will come.

Next door is Tablehurst Farm which is the biodynamic agricultural training centre in Britain; it has pigs, sheep, bees most importantly, cattle and chickens as well as  different crops. They observe and cultivate the ground in a very special way, not only truly inspiring, but full of the attention to detail that we take into account as dowsers.



Hamish's stonesThis is an ancient art of divining. You can use it in health, to find out yes/no answers to many things. Dowsers are the people who were the most accurate in measuring how much dust was on the surface of the Moon. You can also use it to ask about planting, in gardens, on farms, as well as in your houses to ascertain where the bed should go. It was used as the tool to dialogue with the spirit of place to ask permission of the land to build a house and enquire of the best site.

Tuning in to the Land:

What I love about teaching this subject is that every course is different. Once in an abbey we were as much concerned with the history of the monks as we were with the site energies themselves. We all stood at one point on crossing points in the garden holding singing bowls, and were able to feel the change in the tension of the area after simultaneously sounding along these lines. We were communicating with nature spirits, elementals and the country devas in a way that was unique.

My own training:

I trained in 2000 not 50 metres from Thurrock services on the M25, so tuning in there was a total contrast, invaluable for the land to be taken into account and very good training too, with the then Health Kinesiology coordinator Jane Thurnell-Read.

I have since trained with British Society of Dowsers tutors in all the Earth Energy trainings they offer, as well as pursuing my own research with Marko Pocagnic and consciousness trainings with the likes of Concord Institute, London and Serena Roney-Dougal. I am also part of the Geomancy Group UK.

As a kinesiologist (this course is registered as a k-based course for CPD), I will show you how the different energies affect your own bodies; demonstrate the difference between underground water that is geopathically stressed and water that isn’t.

The Importance of this work:

We live in an economy that is increasingly being drawn away from the land, and yet it is the land that can teach us and support us so well.

All hail the green revolution!

Some of the stunning results in Agriculture of my partner Dr Patrick MacManaway are these:

  • 20% increase in wheat and potato yield
  • 45% increase in sorghum yield
  • 50% reduction in calf mortality
  • 60% reduction in mastitis
  • Increased numbers of beneficial insects present
  • Increased frost resistance in early crops
  • Successful flower propagation in short growing seasons


For more information and to book today click here! 

Call Giulia directly on 01453 889184 or email:


VickyCourse Outline: Relating to Geopathic Stress (GS)

Introduction to Dowsing and Earth Energies

This is a course enabling practitioners to attain a useful working knowledge of GS, enabling them to identify earth energies and other influences such as Electro-Stress and Psychic Stress.

Bl and wh Y rodThe Course will include:

  • Understanding the concepts underlying the spirit of place
  • The distinction between Yin and Yang in relation to Underground water and Ley lines and how these affect people’s behavior as well as their emotions.
  • Learning about other dynamics occurring in the landscape, such as the subtle layers and what they mean. If you know who to speak to then you can dialogue with a place.
  • Being conversant with spirit guides and personal protection.
  • Learning how to measure the impact of stress on people, animals, bees, plants – to include GS, Electro-Stress, Psychic Stress.
  • Achieving proficiency in dowsing with rods, a pendulum, muscle-testing and self-testing. Using some existing kinesiology-based skills, particularly the art of questioning.
  • Experiencing positive shifts in energy as a group, playing through exercises to expand conscious awareness around possible interaction with landscape.

For some it will be a perfect setting to practice any existing knowledge of dowsing as we will have access to farmland, garden, market garden as well as energies within the building; we will be in an environment rich in nature spirits and elementals, so dialoguing with the spirit of place will be huge fun and extremely diverse.

Iona carving





New 2013 Course Dates are Here!

Feb 2nd – A Day for beginners about water

April 5 – 7th – Intro to Geopathic Stress

Dowsing and Earth Energies Part 1 – 

May 10 – 12th – Geopathic Stress and Subtle Energy Part 2

We know instinctively if a place is not right,
so these courses aim to clarify why that is,
and gently guide you to finding ways of helping recreate balance.

What caused this building to fall into neglect?tumbled down house

Did it fall prey to a grumpy dragon and somehow fell off everyone’s agenda?

  • In Geomancy, we call underground water or leylines dragons. They can stop you sleeping, cause children to wet their beds, and even cause nightmares…

Imagine if the very site where you were living was somehow jinxed,
out of balance, blocked in some way by recent roadworks, a legal dispute,
trouble in the neighbourhood?

This could be affecting  your wellbeing….it may be in your therapy room, office or village
and nothing to do with you! You are not the problem!!

To book go to 

Or email Giulia at to find out the exact locations and express an interest.


Dowsing Course

Giulia’s calendar of events
Designed to replenish those parts of our soul,
like a forgotten garden,
full of mystery,
wonder and new hope.

Dowsing Course:

For beginners or the very curious!
February 2nd 2013

Learning to tune in to the spirit of place in a garden, piece of land or property is fascinating! On this day I will teach you the tools to start.

  • Dowsing with a pendulum and L-rods
  • Finding underground water
  • Capturing a sense of the water as ‘being’ in the landscape. 
    This introduces you to a way of thinking that personalises the way you see nature in a very special way.
  • We will talk about how when things don’t feel so good, how you can be affected and some useful tools to help.

Location: Minchinhampton/Stroud area

Cost: £30

Timings: 10 – 2.00