“If ever you need a de-stressor, call Giulia. I've had a lot of massages 'out East', but this was something very special. Giulia has real talent, and the location was gorgeous. It was such a wonderful experience that I gifted a session with Giulia to someone else. After their session, I can honestly say I haven't seen that person so relaxed and happy and *comfortable* in their own body for a long, long time. Giulia thank you!” Julia Hunter-Anderson

Cotswold Spa, mobile massage and beauty

As well as working from my clinic in Minchinhampton, I can bring the luxury of Cotswold Spa to you in your home or holiday retreat. I will create a delightful atmosphere using soft towels, candlelight, soothing music, a heated blanket and Neal’s Yard organic oils, creams and polishes.

Earth Energies

  • I specialise in Geopathic Stress, Dowsing and Earth Energies and conduct environmental surveys on private and commercial premises.

Massage and Pampering

I’ve included a brief overview of my CV.  There may be some disciplines here that are new to you: please call me to find out more or go to www.cotswoldspa.co.uk for all your group spa bookings in Gloucestershire.

This is Me

My aim is to raise other people's frequency just as I try and raise my own - I help people and places make shifts so they can lead fulfilling and joyful lives.
This can even be alongside living with difficult circumstances and illness; you never know where your path might lead, but you can be present to it and see what it gives you along the way.

Possible factors that can damage the gut


Contraceptive pill





The strong connection between the gut and the brain is very clear.  I have seen people experience positive changes occur in their skin, digestion, weight as well as their overall energy levels and motivation. They look ten or twenty years younger!

Symptoms you may recognise are:

Pain, constipation, bloating, wind and IBS, Colitis, Coeliac Disease, Crohn’s Disease,
memory loss, poor concentration, fatigue, lack of motivation and clarity, centred and groundedness.

What to expect during a session with me

You lie fully clothed on a therapy couch

  • I use muscle-testing (a gentle technique involving light pressure on the forearm.) 
Muscle-testing can be used with small children. Mums can also surrogate for their babies
  • An initial session lasts a minimum of an hour, at the end of which we’ll agree how many sessions you’ll need. This can be as few as two sessions for children or from three to four sessions for adults, and in chronic situations longer