Day Courses to deepen your relationship with the land

In September we had a 'Stone Day' with Ros Briagha, a member of the Geomancy UK group. She is a highly experienced astrologer and arqueo-astronomer. 

We were invited to a farmstead in Wales that had many beautiful stones that had been pushed to one side of the field and drive, for better access a common practise by farmers. We walked the landscape and visited a tiny stone circle and kist above the farm, and sang our way into the garden below, connecting in with other standing stones and a large stone circle in a field nearby.

We discussed the possibility of recreating a stone circle in a particular part of the garden where there already were some stones. We dowsed the land, sensed what we thought was going on there, with underground water streams, ley lines and the way the trees and the place felt overall.
We ended the day moving two very small stones into place, that slightly rounded off a circle of stones, but when we stepped back, it was clear that they were acting like acupuncture rods on a water stream that was entering the house.
We knew some of the health history of the house, and were able to track in the months following, how things improved for the people living in the house.