Fear, Love and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Welcome to this first blog since COVID 19 - Hello if it's your first time to my web site. I hope to have the time now to put down some of my thoughts on health which I have been studying since 1996!

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the time to readjust and hopefully finding the time to respond to the deep changes in yourself and this environment.

The fear is the big thing, and very damaging. Our bodies respond to it physically as if we had caught a cold or experienced a toxin in our environment, which changes our body chemistry. Amazing I know…Read about the exosome theory - see link in resources below.

Here is a session I had recently with a client online.

Max suffers from chronic fatigue and has done since at least as far back as when she was 13.

It may be helpful to talk you through the session I had with her, as Health Kinesiology and the vibrational medicine I do is helping her feel calmer and learn about the way her body works under certain stresses.

Like most people she is nervous at the moment. Can you feel the fear too?

She is also actually feeling better than usual because as she says there is less going on, less of a buzz. We have all become accustomed to living to a time frame and pressure, even when that feels good, in our hearts we know that when we have time to attend and care for the people and things around us, we start feeling more cared for in ourselves.

Max’s physical symptoms are tiredness, muscle aches, polycystic ovary disorder, heavy periods. anxiety, difficulty in thinking clearly, fear and loneliness. She has difficulty in shaking off infections and viruses can last for a good three weeks. She is 41 hardly leaves her flat as walking a block is exhausting.

She is also a very sensitive soul and is clairsentient. This means she can sense other people’s feelings and often pick them up as if they were her own. She can burst into tears for no reason and literally feel the presence of other people in her energy field.

She then has secondary symptoms like cravings for salty foods or sweet things that make her feel better for a short time and then she regrets it as sugar feeds Candida and bacteria making her feel more sluggish and down. Since seeing me she has cut down on these and feels more in charge of herself and what she needs to feel well.  She is learning to refuse very politely to those kind people who give her chocolate!


I remember reading in the book “Love is all There Is” by Dr Weiss, that in his experience as a psychiatrist throughout his career, love was one of the main reasons people fall ill - mad isn't it? Patterns that I have often worked on too, like:


Do I feel loved?

Am I deserving of love?

Am I unlovable?

Am I loved?


What does this have to do with Max?


She had a fear of loving others and a fear of life.


She would also like to live a normal life and do the stretching exercises online or a Pilates routine. She meditates which she finds very consoling and is a lovely personality, full of wonder and gratitude despite her lifelong lock-down.


In our last session I took her back to within seconds of being conceived. Extraordinary that it is possible to do this I know. How we are conceived can have an impact on our whole lives in the same way any experience can, if it isn’t cherished and nurtured in the right way. At a time like this it is likely that the energy patterns she absorbed were from her mother’s own set of fears, however they can create a cast of mind, a way of thinking for life.


Getting to the heart of the matter, we have worked to release the psychic elements of fear in her life; fear is the opposite of love and just as we know that love attracts, so too does fear.


In the last session we were given permission to tackle her lack of energy which can seem to her “enclosing”. I use muscle-testing to ascertain permission to work, so everything comes up in the order in which the body wants it. This time we were directed to working with her mitochondria in the cells. This is the engine fuel for the body, and in Chronic fatigue, ME or Fibromyalgia, the time it takes for ATP and ADP to recycle energy in and out of the cells is affected, in what’s known as the Krebs cycle.


Most surprisingly her experience at conception came up, and the over-riding sensation of “being unloved” - other words came through the testing with the age old feelings of nervousness, apprehension and loneliness right then at conception.

She has carried these all through her life, and were particularly bad from when she was 13 at school. She experienced bullying at school and at home, and had to have time off school due to ill health. She felt close to suicide and helpless then to do anything about it.


What a miserable way to live life. I felt for her in a world so turned upside-down. Luckily once she left home she was able to take more control of her life, and studied at University and fell in love and things improved.


She is still on this journey, and I am helping her understand it as she goes. We release the patterns that tie her to outmoded beliefs and experiences, and find the right supplements and foods to give her the strength to do this.


She is one of several clients who have come to me with ME or chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as multiple chemical sensitivities and electro stress. They often go together, but I have seen how much stronger they all are once they have explored their symptoms in this way, through their energy bodies and what best fits them. It comes with the knowledge that it is ok for them to do things differently. They have to, and this in itself can be hard but ultimately very self-affirming.


I hope this helps.


Some resources: