Gut Healing

In 2015, I trained with neurologist and medical nutritionist Natasha McBride Campbell MD,
in Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), a protocol that focuses on gut healing.

Through thirty years of clinical research, Dr McBride Campbell established a protocol for children suffering from Autism and ADHD, which she then realized suited adults with a similar range of symptoms. Many people are now gluten-free, which has helped them enormously, but without ways of restoring the gut flora and healing the membranes of the body, vital nutrients, manufactured in the gut wall, still wont be accessible.

Symptoms you may recognise are:

Bloating, wind and IBS
Coeliac Disease
Crohn’s Disease
Memory loss and poor concentration

Possible factors that may damage the gut:
Contraceptive pill

The Chinese see the gut as the second brain, and if you're feeling at all fuzzy, you will know what that means!  
I have seen people experience positive changes occur in their skin, digestion, weight as well as their overall energy levels and motivation. They look ten or twenty years younger!

It may take from six weeks to a couple of years to complete the process, but it’s worth it to end pain and discomfort and allow the body to manufacture what the nutrients it needs to maintain a strong immune system.