What is Geopathic Stress?

Not sleeping? The effects of geopathic stress can prolong recovery and affect your motivation

Do you ever walk into a house and something doesn't feel quite right? The physical effects of underground water can cause headaches, but the overall effect of a sad place, can affect your health in many other subtle ways. This is called Geopathic Stress and can occur through both man-made and natural causes.

Underground water can have the effect of pulling the branches of trees down towards the ground over time. In a similar way when you spend 8 hours asleep, your body too can respond over time to its ill-effects if the water is geopathically stressed.

Physical circumstances like roadworks/ building work, electro-stress from electricity substations, WiFi and even historical emotional trauma can disturb an energy field. This can have a detrimental effect on the health of people, plants and animals. Natural occurrences  can also produce Geopathic Stress such as quarrying, water courses, flooding and geomagnetic anomalies due to rock strata.

One of the reasons why a place may not seem quite right, is the memory or history of the place. It is beneficial to thoroughly free a place up from the residues of previous owners, which may include the previous usage of the land itself.