Would You Benefit From Kinesiology?

Kinesiology in MInchinhampton treats everyone differently

In life's rich tapestry it is easy to wonder how we will fit in, rather than appreciating ourselves for who we are. Here are some typical case histories to give you an idea…

  • Tom has a constant runny nose and sneezes a lot. He has an inhaler and is very sensitive to others around the table, which makes him a fussy eater and easily put off his food. He is anxious and gets nightmares
  • Natalie has lost her confidence and is feeling depressed. She has stopped going out, and her lessons are suffering; she worries that she is no good. Last year she had to take half a year off school, she dreads that happening again.
  • Mary is suffering from constipation, she is 10 – it makes her very uncomfortable and at times she is in considerable pain
  • Valerie has been experiencing heart palpitations and anxiety at work. It has led to a drop in her self-confidence, and is affecting her marriage
  • Harry has suffered from ME for the last five years. He is chronically tired, suffers from multiple allergies making what he eats very hard, and he is unable to go out
  • Jackie has become sensitive to mobile phones, WIFI, 4G networks, smart systems generally and cordless phones. When she goes out she gets hot flushes when she is in contact with them, has difficulty sleeping, and has had to stop work. She finds the basics,  like shopping, going to the dentist, visiting friends or public places a problem