Master Cleanse in 10 days


I thought for those of you who fancied a change, then the master cleanse is a fast I have done before, and is really very possible.

I spent the first two days coming off normal food and focussing on juices, smoothies and soups. I usually find I am ready to fast, so I don't have huge cravings. When we are no longer feeling hungry in the day in the lead up to the fast, it is a sign our bodies are 'full' appetite for anything more ways than one. This is the time I usually do one.


x 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon

Is there a better time to boost your Immunity?

I am offering online appointments, as ever, from my home in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire. I can dowse or use kinesiology self-testing to find out your body ’s priority. That way I work in order, and the most important aspects of your health are addressed first (which may not be what you think. I use muscle-testing to find out. Contact me now on:
01453 889184 /

Benefits to you!

Three month health MOT

An MOT covers a balance in the following areas.
These are not exclusive, but can adapt to your own life.

Using muscle-testing, it is possible to ascertain specifics about your diet for example, as well as duration, frequency and quantity. This can be helpful in cutting through the fog! Other areas also include:

Work, life, nutrition, supplementation, allergies, intolerances, attitudes, habits, detoxification, stress reduction, exercise...


Holistic massage at the Courtyard Clinic!

If you have an injury, chronic pain or would just love the opportunity of a complete unwind, book with Giulia and have an holistic massage and benefit from her twenty years experience rolled into this brilliant treatment.

Courtyard Clinic started life 20 years ago as a small Physiotherapy business on Dursley High Street. Today it is one of the largest providers of healthcare and well-being services in the south-west.

Dowsing, Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress Courses:

A chance to train in landscape healing, over two weekends to enable you to help yourself and others. 
You will need to attend Level 1 before Level 2. Courses include 22.5 CPD hours and a thorough manual. 

Geopathic Stress Course Level 1:

1st August - 3rd August 2017 - Gloucestershire

Dowsing and Earth Energies - £360  (If you retake you only pay half price!)

Geopathic Stress Course Level 2

Subtle Energies and Geopathic Stress - £360

31st August - 2nd September 2017

Day Courses to deepen your relationship with the land

In September we had a 'Stone Day' with Ros Briagha, a member of the Geomancy UK group. She is a highly experienced astrologer and arqueo-astronomer. 

We were invited to a farmstead in Wales that had many beautiful stones that had been pushed to one side of the field and drive, for better access a common practise by farmers. We walked the landscape and visited a tiny stone circle and kist above the farm, and sang our way into the garden below, connecting in with other standing stones and a large stone circle in a field nearby.

Severn View Primary Academy, Stroud, Glos

"It's like a massive big ball of negative energies that has been a cloud over all of us, has just burst. People seem more relaxed and things are going with the flow. The interaction with the parents has shifted dramatically, in two months the school has admitted more pupils. The children are less hyper and there's less damage to school property, parents settled longterm debts and some social funding was finally paid to the school ten months after it had been originally promised. " Head Teacher Claire Wirth,