Is there a better time to boost your Immunity?

Flower from the chocolate plant!

I am offering online appointments, as ever, from my home in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire. I can dowse or use kinesiology self-testing to find out your body ’s priority. That way I work in order, and the most important aspects of your health are addressed first (which may not be what you think. I use muscle-testing to find out. Contact me now on:
01453 889184 /

Benefits to you!

  • Build a strong immune system to help reduce the impact of viruses and infection.
  • Emotional balance: feel centred, grounded and inspired again.
  • MOT for you, covering food, exercise, habits, attitudes….
  • A coherent supplement program & establishing new nutritional patterns.
  • Possible relief from sleeplessness, depression, fears
  • Weight Loss

I qualified as a Health Kinesiologist in 1998, have a BA degree from Newcastle University, am registered with The Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Call me to book an appointment - I really look forward to hearing from you!